Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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292 pages
6 x 9 inches
September 2003
Print ISBN: 9781551302485


The philosophical underpinnings of this textbook make it a most interesting read for scholars of Aboriginal Studies, the social sciences, humanities and cultural studies and humanistic curriculum development.

John Steckley's familiarity with and respect for the epistemology of the Huron, Mohawk and Ojibwa peoples enlightens and enables his research. In this book, he provides a critical framework for assessing Aboriginal content in introductory sociology textbooks. He defines what is missing from the seventy-seven texts included in his study of the manifestation of cultural hegemony in Canadian sociology textbooks. This critique is suitable for students and professors of sociology, as Dr. Steckley addresses the impact of the ellipses from the textbooks they have traditionally used.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Analytical Framework and Methodology
Chapter Three: Disciplining Sociology Textbooks
Chapter Four: Elders on Ice: Culturally Determined Inuit Suicide
Chapter Five: The Potlach in Canadian Introductory Sociology Textbooks
Chapter Six: Oka: Background
Chapter Seven: Oka: The Warrior Frame
Chapter Eight: Six Concluding Questions

Appendix A: Canadian Introductory Sociology Textbooks Analysed in the Study
Appendix B: The Chilcotin War
Appendix C: The Sundance
Appendix D: The Pass System
Appendix E: Wampum 81 of the Great Law
Appendix F: The Donald Marshall Case
Appendix G: The J.J. Harper Case
Appendix H: The Helen Betty Osborne Case

Index of Aboriginal Voices
Index of Canadian Introductory Sociology Textbooks
General Index

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