Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Women’s Press,Canadian Scholars
330 pages
7 x 8.75 inches
June 2002
Print ISBN: 9780889614031


Bent on Writing offers readers a permanent and lasting record of the work of 55 talented writers who have performed at the reading series "Clit Lit," and a "how to" guide for establishing their own community-based literary events. More than an anthology, this book is a gathering of three-dimensional talent for the two-dimensional page.

Table of Contents


Introduction, Elizabeth Ruth

Kathryn Payne, "Barring" of the Bathhouse / Champagne Socialism

Channelle Gallant, Standing By My Man

Trish Salah, Teenage Trans Vamp / Ghazals, from the Book of Suicides

Nalo Hopkinson, From Griffone

Anurima Banerji, Monologue of the Mandible

Michèle Pearson Clarke, Black Men and Me

Sina Queyras, In the night, suddenly

Julie Glaser, Eat & Disorder

Brian Day, Bake me / In Others' Skin

Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, My Dad in Pink

Jeffrey Round, Queen for a Day

Suzanne Robertson, What can happen in 78 hours / A Mastectomy

christina starr, night duty

Margaret Christakos, UNCOMFORTED

Elizabeth Ruth, From, Ten Good Seconds of Silence

Kim Trusty, RHYME SCHEMES AND SIMILAC / I Wanna Flow Elemental

Andrea Németh, A Lifetime

Susan Goldberg, At the West End YMCA

T. L. Cowan, Harbord St.

Krista Taves, The Cold Pressed Baptism

Evalyn Parry, The Revolution Song / Profit in the Margins

Maureen Hynes, Storks of Kampala / Nine New Undershirts

Marguerite, SUGAR MONEY / Nyabingi

Percy Lezard, Wannabe

Vlad Elizabeth Wolanyk, Another Day Pounding My Own Head On The Pavement

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samasinha, mestiza rapechile love story

Lara Vlach, Seeing Angel Fly

Margaret Robinson, Three Dates / The Ballad of Little Billy

Tania Anderson, Untitled

Sue Goldstein, Deconstructing Daddy

Debra Anderson, From Code White

Monique Weir, GO / Requies

Julia Gonsalves, Moving Day / My Dirty Side

Hilary Cellini Cook, Photography

Monica Noy, The Lady Vanishes

Meredith Adolph, hawkeye

Roberta Best, Dick

Barbara Brown, girls, boys

Kate Corkery Hustins, Cold Steel Utensil

Carol Thames, Gay Divorcee

Steve Nugent, Until Death

Tony Esposito, Leash / Paths

Hamish MacDonald, Lighthearted

Brenda Zavala-Antunez, Untitled

Jennifer Morrow, Rainy Season / Treeline

Kristi Wynne, Small Hands

Shlomit Segal, The Visit

Nancy Viva Davis Halifax, Words Can Not Contain This Body

Mirha-Soleil Ross, Ghostly Affairs

Regan McClure, Presents

Karen Woodman, Coal / Alberta

Roewan Crowe, Empty Pies and Stones / Johnny & Cher, I Cut My Hair

Anna Camilleri, Girls Run Circles

Caitlin Fisher, Vanessa

Zoe Whittall, The Money Shot

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