Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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328 pages
6 x 9 inches
October 2011
Print ISBN: 9781551303970


Brave New Teachers is a timely investigation of democratic teacher practice in culturally diverse school systems. Based on an original study of the Urban Diversity Teacher Education Program at York University, it investigates the extent to which graduates of a teacher education program grounded in the democratic principles of equity, diversity, and social justice can hold true to these principles in a climate of conservative school culture and state-mandated educational reform that focuses on standardization and accountability. The result is a critical Canadian perspective on both the challenges and the possibilities of working for social justice in the classroom.

Table of Contents

Preface – John P. Portelli

Introduction: Distinguising Our Present Context: The Meaning of Diversity and Education for Social Justice – R. Patrick Solomon and Jordan Singer
Chapter 1: Preparing the Equity Teacher – Jordan Singer
Chapter 2: School Reform as Inequity: The Case of Standards, Standardization, and Accountability – R. Patrick Solomon and Jordan Singer
Chapter 3: Challenges and Contradictions of the Equity Educator: Personal and Professional Impacts of School Reforms on Teachers – R. Patrick Solomon and Jordan Singer
Chapter 4: Identity Matters in Teaching for Equity – Andrew Allen
Chapter 5: Transformative Schooling – Jordan Singer
Chapter 6: Progressive Curriculum and Pedagogy: Practices from the Workplace – Arlene Campbell
Chapter 7: Advocacy and Activism: Progressive Curriculum and Pedagogy beyond K-12

Appendix: Course Themes


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