Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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360 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
July 2022
Print ISBN: 9781773383019
Forthcoming | Spring 2022


Canadian Law and Business Studies presents a succinct overview of law and business for students at an introductory level. Organized into 20 chapters—which include topics such as rights and freedoms, privacy, confidentiality, land claims, and the environment—this book is designed to be a compact guide of the most essential legal rules in point form. It engages readers by delving into contemporary topics such as online pirating, cell phone contracts, vaccine mandates, careless driving, social media, sniffer dogs, international intrigue, Kyoto (1997), and Glasgow (2021).

The book covers a wide range of discussion areas including Indigenous rights, partnerships, companies, oppression, securities, insolvency, negligence, contracts, property, mortgages, copyright, employment, consumerism, discrimination, harassment, and world trade. It is well suited for instructors and students interested in law and social justice, general business, or business administration, and for those studying to qualify as law clerks or paralegals. Each chapter is concluded with an accessible essay that highlights and consolidates key takeaways for the reader.


Table of Contents

The Book in a Nutshell


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Canadian Legal System and Sources of Law

Chapter 3: Torts and Other Civil Wrongs

Chapter 4: Contract Law

Chapter 5: The Law of Agency and Powers of Attorney

Chapter 6: Business Entities and Arrangements

Chapter 7: Corporate Law and Securities Regulation

Chapter 8: Employment Law

Chapter 9: Bailment Law

Chapter 10: Consumer Protection and Unacceptable Business Practices

Chapter 11: Property Law

Chapter 12: Mortgages and Mortgage Remedies

Chapter 13: Personal Property and Security

Chapter 14: Intellectual Property Law

Chapter 15: Negotiable Instruments

Chapter 16: Insurance

Chapter 17: International Law

Chapter 18: Indigenous Rights

Chapter 19: Environmental Law

Chapter 20: Privacy Law


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