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380 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
November 2012
Print ISBN: 9781551304113


Canadian Men and Masculinities: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives is a provocative new volume that examines men and masculinity across Canadian history and culture and sets it against the broader context of neoliberal globalization. This edited collection adopts a multi-perspective social inquiry and interdisciplinary approach and takes into careful consideration the intersections of the social and historical construction of gender with race, social class, sexuality, bodily abilities, and other social justice factors.

The chief aim of this book is to examine, from historical and contemporary perspectives, the production and performance of men, boys, and embodied masculinity within the Canadian context. Within this framework, Canadian Men and Masculinities explores a range of issues including modern fatherhood, black male athleticism, indigenous masculinities, wrestling, and body building.

This volume will be a valuable resource for general readers and professionals in sociology, history, education, and social and gender studies.

Table of Contents

Blye Frank

Introduction: Masculinities in Post-Industrial and Neoliberal Times
Christopher J. Greig and Wayne J. Martino

Part 1: Historical Perspectives

Chapter 1: Quebec Manhood in Historical Perspective
Jeff Vacante

Chapter 2: Representing the Modern Man: Beauty Culture and Masculinity in Early Twentieth Century Canada
Jane Nicholas

Chapter 3: The Importance of Not Being Earnest: Postwar Canadians Rethink Mackenzie King's Christian Manhood
Christopher Dummitt

Chapter 4: Fathers in Multiple Roles: Assessing Modern Canadian Fatherhood as a Masculine Category
Robert Rutherdale

Chapter 5: Boys' Underachievement in School in Historical Perspective: Exploring Masculnity and Schooling in the Postwar Era, 1945-1960
Christopher J. Greig

Part 2: Contemporary Perspectives

Chapter 6: Canadian Manhood(s)
Christopher J. Greig and Susan Holloway

Chapter 7: The Day the White Ribbon Campaign Changed the Game: A New Direction in Working to Engage Men and Boys
Michael Kaufman

Chapter 8: "Failing Boys" and the Question of What Counts as Evidence: Investigating Equity and Neoliberal Reform Agendas in Ontario
Wayne J. Martino and Goli Rezai-Rashti

Chapter 9: Class, Race, and Schooling in the Performance of Black Male Athleticism
Carl E. James

Chapter 10: Blackness, Masculinity, and the Work of Queer
Rinaldo Walcott

Chapter 11: Queering Masculinities as a Basis for Gender Democratization: Towards Embracing a Transgender Imaginary
Wayne J. Martino

Chapter 12: "Raise Them Jewish, Raise Them Proud!" Gay Jewish Fathers in Contemporary Israeli and Canadian Jewish Society
Marcus Benayon

Chapter 13: Reformulating Masculinities: Renegotiating Masculinity after Spinal Cord Injury
David Mara

Chapter 14: Indigenous Masculinities: Carrying the Bones of the Ancestors
Kim Anderson, Robert Alexander Innes, and John Swift

Chapter 15: (Un)Settling Mulitcultural Masculinities in Contemporary Canadian Art
Ruthann Lee

Chapter 16: The Promise of Intimacy as a Way of Learning and Performing Masculinities: Fred Herzog's Barbershops
Donal O'Donoghue

Chapter 17: Wrestling with Canadian Masculinities: Contesting Hegemony within WWE's Masculinities Matrix
Doug Willcocks and Steve Garlick

Chapter 18: Building a Body, Building a Life: Men, Masculinity, and the Birth of Bodybuilding Magazines in Montreal
Marc Lefrance


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