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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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584 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
January 2021
Print ISBN: 9781773382173


This expanded second edition of Canadian Perspectives on Advanced Practice Nursing uses a case-study approach to understanding advanced practice nursing roles and competencies and their impact across all levels of the health care system. Focusing on the roles of clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners, this volume explores the continued integration of advanced practice nursing in relation to social, political, educational, regulatory, legislative, and economic environments that have shaped them. The contributors articulate the historical development and evolution of advanced practice nursing in Canada, from rural and remote outpost beginnings to the present, and propose a vision for the future within the Canadian health care system.

Highly accessible, comprehensive, and rich in pedagogy, this well-updated new edition is an indispensable resource for students in advanced practice nursing programs across Canada, as well as practicing clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, policy- and decisionmakers, professional nursing organizations, and leaders in health care.


  • uses a case-study methodology to explore how the Canadian Nurses Association’s pan-Canadian advanced practice nursing competencies are applied to real, current clinical cases
  • provides evidence-based content reflecting the current state of the advanced practice nursing field and delves into timely and topical subjects such as social determinants of health Indigenous, inner-city, rural, remote, LGBT2SQ, and refugee and migrant populations in Canada
  • discusses the unique challenges in the province of Quebec with respect to developing advanced practice nursing roles

Table of Contents

Michael J. Villeneuve, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Nurses Association

Canadian Contributors



SECTION I: The Evolution of Advanced Practice Nursing in Canada

Chapter 1: Historical Overview of Advanced Practice Nursing in Canada
                Eric Staples, Ruth A. Hannon, and Susan L. Ray

Chapter 2: Advanced Practice Nursing in Quebec
                Monique Benoit, Roger Pilon, Isabelle Savard, Lucie Lemelin, and Pierre Pariseau-Legault

Chapter 3: Advanced Practice Nursing Education in Canada
                Cynthia Baker, Eric Staples, and Roger Pilon

Chapter 4: The Integration of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles in Canada
                Michelle Acorn and David Byres

Chapter 5: Canadian Research on the Impact and Outcomes of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
                Ruth Martin-Misener and Denise Bryant-Lukosius

Chapter 6: Competencies for the Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse                 Practitioner in Canada
                Josette Roussel

Chapter 7: Understanding Regulatory, Legislative, and Credentialing                 Requirements in Canada
                Lynn Miller

Chapter 8: Advanced Practice Nursing Frameworks Utilized or Developed in Canada
                Rosemary Wilson

SECTION II: Social Determinants of Health and Advanced Practice Nursing

Chapter 9: Indigenous Populations
                Mary Smith and Roger Pilon

Chapter 10: Inner-City Populations
                  Jennifer Beaveridge, Michelle Carter, and Angela Russolillo

Chapter 11: Rural and Remote Populations
                  Mary Ellen Labrecque, Janet Luimes, and Brenda Mishak

Chapter 12: LGBT2SQ Populations
                  Erin Ziegler

Chapter 13: Refugee and Migrant Populations
                  Vanessa Wright and Shannon Sweeney

SECTION III: Advanced Practice Nursing Role Competencies in Canada: A Case Study Approach

Chapter 14: Direct Comprehensive Care Competencies
                  14A Clinical Nurse Specialist
                  Laurie Clune
                  14B Nurse Practitioner
                  Monakshi (Mona) Sawhney

Chapter 15: Optimizing Health System Competencies
                15A Clinical Nurse Specialist
                Ken McDonald
                15B Nurse Practitioner
                Paul Tylliros

Chapter 16: Educational Competencies
                  16A Clinical Nurse Specialist
                  Line Beaudet and Steve Gagné
                  16B Nurse Practitioner
                  Françoise (Frankie) Verville

Chapter 17: Research Competencies
                  17A Clinical Nurse Specialist
                  Cheryl Forchuk
                  17B Nurse Practitioner
                  Kathleen F. Hunter

Chapter 18: Leadership Competencies
                  18A Clinical Nurse Specialist
                  Mary-Lou Martin
                  18B Nurse Practitioner
                  Tammy O’Rourke

Chapter 19: Consultation and Collaboration Competencies
                  19A Clinical Nurse Specialist
                  Marcia Carr
                  19B Nurse Practitioner
                  Monica Parry

Chapter 20: Professional Liability Protection
                  Elaine Borg

SECTION IV: Advanced Practice Nursing Specialty Roles in Canada

Chapter 21: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Geropsychiatry
                 Gloria McInnis-Perry

Chapter 22: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mental Health
                 Josephine Muxlow and Bernadine Wallis

Chapter 23: Clinical Nurse Specialist: Ambulatory Care
                 Jennifer Price

Chapter 24: Nurse Practitioner: Family/All Ages
                 Laura Johnson and Jane MacDonald

Chapter 25: Nurse Practitioner: Adult
                 Rosemary Wilson and Monakshi (Mona) Sawhney

Chapter 26: Nurse Practitioner: Pediatrics
                 Jamie Churchill and Kevin Zizzo

Chapter 27: Nurse Practitioner: Neonatal
                 Mary McAllister, Marilyn Ballantyne, Amy Wright, and Amanda Symington

SECTION V: Critical Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing in Canada

Chapter 28: The Advanced Practice Nurse and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Competence
                 Carole Orchard

Chapter 29: Role Transition
                 Eric Staples

Chapter 30: Outcomes Evaluation and Performance Assessment of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
                 Joanna Pierazzo and Eric Staples

Chapter 31: Health Policy and Advanced Practice Nursing in Changing                  Environments
                 Doris Grinspun

Chapter 32: The Sustainability of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles in Canada
                 Esther Sangster-Gormley

Chapter 33: Advanced Practice Nursing from a Global Perspective
                 Roberta Heale

Chapter 34: Future Directions of Advanced Practice Nursing in Canada
                 Eric Staples

Appendix A: Canadian Research on the Impact and Outcomes of Advanced Practice Nursing Roles Tables

Appendix B: Spotlights on Unique Advanced Practice Roles in Canada
                 B1 Medical Cannabis
                 Sara Ryan
                 B2 Cosmetic Injection
                 Jennifer Fournier
                 B3 Forensic Mental Health and Youth Justice
                 Joanna Dickinson
                 B4 MAiD
                 Don Versluis
                 B5 Transgender Care
                 Andrew Sharpe
                 B6 Nurse Clinician-Scientist
                 Sandra Lauck

Appendix C: Resources for Advanced Practice Nurses in Canada

Copyright Acknowledgements



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