Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
196 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
June 2022
Print ISBN: 9781773383101


The first text of its kind, Communication for Kinesiology serves as a communication primer for undergraduate students in kinesiology and sport studies, preparing them for successful written and oral scholarly communication within the field.

Assuming a contextual approach to communication, the text focuses on formal writing and presentations in scholarly and professional settings. The author provides a wealth of pedagogical features including chapter overviews outlining the topics to be discussed, brief recap lists at the end of each chapter, examples, definitions, tips, and techniques, as well as an end-of-text glossary. Structured with both instructors and students in mind, the modular chapters allow for fluid and flexible application and contain practical and theoretically grounded advice to encourage students to hone their writing and presentation skills by changing how they think about the process and engaging with the rules and conventions of the field.

Written to address the needs of undergraduate kinesiology students in North America, Communication for Kinesiology is an invaluable introductory resource for the classroom and beyond.

Table of Contents


Note to Instructors


Chapter 1: Basic Theory

Chapter 2: Composing Messages

Chapter 3: Communicating Responsibly

Chapter 4: Justifying Claims

Chapter 5: Writing Essays

Chapter 6: Documenting Sources

Chapter 7: Usage Issues

Chapter 8: Grammar Guidance

Chapter 9: Punctuation Pointers

Chapter 10: Style Matters

Chapter 11: Giving Presentations

Chapter 12: Speech Anxiety






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