Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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398 pages
6 x 9 inches
October 1998
Print ISBN: 9781551301174


Early Modern Social Theory: Selected Interpretive Readings is a collection of essays that illuminates the course of development of modern social thought, from the Enlightenment to the 1920s. The essays focus on the most prominent social theorists, including Smith, Durkheim, Marx and Engels, and Weber. Each essay has been chosen to provide the main contributions of the theorist and the political and economic context in which he worked. The editor, a noted scholar in the field, has written clear, concise introductions to each section and provided a glossary of frequently used philosophical terms.

The collection includes two famous feminist critiques of the literature, by Rosalind Sydie and Lise Vogel, as well as papers by Tom Bottomorw on Max Weber, Anthony Giddens on the division of labour, and essays by Mandel and Trotsky on Marx.

Table of Contents

Murray E.G. Smith

Section One: Origins of Early Modern Social Thought


Chapter 1: Origins of Sociology
Alan Swingewood

Chapter 2: Justice and Markets: The Ambiguous Legacy of Adam Smith
David McNally

Chapter 3: Science, Ideology and 'Economic Value'
Murray E.G. Smith

Section Two: From Utopian Socialism to Durkheim


Chapter 4: Industrialization and the Rise of Sociological Positivism
Alan Swingewood

Chapter 5: The Supersession of Utopian Socialism
Ernest Mandel

Chapter 6: Emile Durkheim
George Ritzer

Section Three: Karl Marx


Chapter 7: Karl Marx: Life and Social Environment
David Ashley and David M. Orenstein

Chapter 8: The Place of Marxism in History
Ernest Mandel

Chapter 9: Presenting Karl Marx
Leon Trotsky

Chapter 10: Marx: Society as Second Nature
David Frisby and Derek Sayer

Section Four: Max Weber


Chapter 11: Max Weber: The Disenchantment of the World
Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky

Chapter 12: Max Weber on Capitalism and Rationality
Tom Bottomore

Section Five: The Woman Question in Modern Social Theory


Chapter 13: Sex and the Sociological Fathers
Rosalind Sydie

Chapter 14: Engels: A Defective Formulation
Lise Vogel

Section Six: Theoretical Contrasts


Chapter 15: Social Differentiation and the Division of Labour
Anthony Giddens

Chapter 16: History or Teleology? Marx versus Weber
Ellen Meiksins Wood

Appendix: Glossary of Frequently Used Philosophical Terms in Social Theory

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