Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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650 pages
6.88 x 8.88 inches
August 2004
Print ISBN: 9780889614116


Feminisms and Womanisms brings together theory and practical application, so that feminist discourse interacts as a partner with the lived experience of women's social action. The selections combine classics in feminist thought with work from modern theorists and offer a solid foundation in international feminism.

The conceptual understanding embedded in the terms feminism and womanism contributes to feminist discourse, a carefully differentiated focus on the ideological uses of language to define relationships that have been historically mired in domination. The terms also define the way gender often has been used to signify and support domination. Given that feminism and womanism are interpretive concepts, there is always a sense that knowledge-making is in progress; for there is nothing static or stagnant about feminism, feminist theory and feminist action.

The formative nature of the feminist movement has, of necessity, a parallel interpretive theory. This reader embraces both the formative nature of the movement and the accompanying interpretive theories. It also pays attention to the chronological, cultural, geopolitical, racial and ethnic landscapes and sites where women live, carry out social action and theorize issues of equality. For both the general and academic reader, this book will be edifying while providing exposure to the feminist, womanist voices that inform the scholarship.

Table of Contents


Meg Luxton
Feminism As a Class Act: Working-Class Feminism and the Women's Movement in Canada

Sharon Donna McIvor
Self-Government and Aboriginal Women

L. Pauline Rankin and Jill Vickers
Women's Movements and State Feminism: Integrating Diversity into Public Policy

Emma Goldman
Marriage and Love

Simone de Beauvoir
Myth and Reality

Betty Friedan
The Crisis in Women's Identity

Germaine Greer
The Middle-Class Myth of Love and Marriage

Gloria Steinem
Life between the Lines

Alice Walker
Womanist: A Letter to the Editor of MS

bell hooks
Feminism: A Transformational Politic

Samantha Sacks
Why Are You a Feminist?

Anne-Marie Kinahan
Women Who Run from the Wolves: Feminist Critique as Post-Feminism


Anne Fausto-Sterling
The Five Sexes, Revisited

Ruth Frankenberg
Growing Up White: Feminism, Racism, and the Social Geography of Childhood

Yvonne Bobb-Smith
Caribbean Feminism versus Canadian Feminism

Amita Handa
Modest and Modern: Women as Markers of the Indian Nation State

Makeda Silvera
Man Royals and Sodomites: Some Thoughts on the Invisibility of Afro-Caribbean Lesbians


Lois Gould
X--A Fabulous Child's Story

Naomi Wolf
Nakedness: Pride and Shame

Andrea O'Reilly
Mothers, Daughters, and Feminism Today: Empowerment, Agency, Narrative, and Motherline

Michelle Hammer
How I Almost Killed My Mother in Childbirth

Margaret Cho
Crush Crash

Patricia Payette
The Feminist Wife? Notes from a Political "Engagement"


Kim Anderson
The Construction of a Negative Identity

Julie Glaser
Eat and Disorder

Kathleen LeBesco
Fat and Fabulous: Resisting Constructions of Female Body Ideals

Mariko Tamaki
Angry Naked Women

Inga Muscio
Blood and Cunts

Nancy Graham
Mother Root: Constant Craving

Carolyn Egan and Linda Gardner
Racism, Women's Health, and Reproductive Freedom

Susan Sontag
The Double Standard of Aging

Clarissa Pinkola Estes
The Howl: Resurrection of the Wild Woman

Margaret Cruikshank
Gerastology: A Feminist's View of Gerontology and Women's Aging


Jan Borowy, Shelly Gordon, and Gayle Lebans
Are These Clothes Clean? The Campaign for Fair Wages and Working Conditions for Homeworkers

Pat Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong
Class Is a Feminist Issue

Chris Bruckert
The World of the Professional Stripper

Himani Bannerji
In the Matter of "X": Building "Race" into Sexual Harassment


Linda Briskin
Privileging Agency and Organizing: A New Approach for Women's Studies

Viviane Namaste with Georgia Sitara
Inclusive Pedagogy in the Women's Studies Classroom: Teaching the Kimberly Nixon Case

Jean Bobby Noble
Queer Pedagogies of the Closet: Teaching Ignorances in the Heteronormative Classroom


Janice Acoose
Discovering the Spark

Motion (Wendy Brathwaite)
Black Woman Rage

Adrienne Rich
Credo of a Passionate Skeptic

Margaret Atwood
Review of Diving into the Wreck

Catharine A. MacKinnon
Not a Moral Issue

Audre Lorde
Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

Angela Davis
Mama's Got the Blues


As told to Janet Silman
All for a Decent House

Harriet G. Rosenberg
From Trash to Treasure: Housewife Activists and the Environmental Justice Movement

Diane Driedger
Emerging from the Shadows: Women with Disabilities Organize

Neita Kay Israelite and Karen Swartz
Reformulating the Feminist Perspective: Giving Voice to Women with Disabilities

Joanne Cohen
Identity, Community, and Same-Sex Marriage

Beverly Smith
Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Federation des femmes du Quebec 1999
2000 Good Reasons to March

Tammy C. Landau
Women's Experiences with Mandatory Charging for Wife Assault in Ontario, Canada: A Case against the Prosecution

Cornelia Sollfrank
Women Hackers: A Report from the Mission to Locate Subversive Women on the Net


Lee-Anne Broadhead
The Gender Dimension to the Search for Global Justice

Naila Kabeer
Gender Equality and Human Development Outcomes: Enhancing Capabilities

Maria Mies and Vandana Shiva

Copyright Acknowledgements


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