Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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326 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
July 2022
Print ISBN: 9780889616356
Forthcoming | Spring 2022


In this timely collection, gender, sex, and technology are explored through an intersectional and interdisciplinary lens. Gender, Sex, and Tech! provides insight into the ways that technology affects, and is affected by, cultural perceptions of gender and sex. Through an examination of a range of past and present issues, the text highlights our relationships to technology and illustrates how gendered relations are shaped and transformed through social and technological innovations.

Contributors bring to the fore feminist, decolonizing, and anti-racist methods to examine our everyday uses of technology, from the mundane to the surreal to the playful to the devastating. Original research and scholarship is skillfully grounded in real-world scenarios like revenge pornography, gender bias in artificial intelligence, menstrual tracking, online dating, and the COVID-19 pandemic, inviting students to take a closer look at technological transformations and their impact on gendered lived experience and to consider how the benefits of technology are inequitably shared within society.

Centring Canadian scholars and Canadian perspectives without losing sight of the broader global connection, Gender, Sex, and Tech! is bursting with timely and of-the-moment content, making this collection a must-read for courses focused on gender and technology.

Table of Contents


A Brief Introduction to Sex and Tech: From Everyday to Extraordinary, Jennifer Jill Fellows and Lisa Smith

Part I: Disrupt

Chapter 1: Birth Control Pills, Baby Bottles, and Bikes: Dancing on the Edge of Social Transformation, Lisa Smith

Chapter 2: Flowing with Tech: Bringing an Intersectional Lens to Menstruation Technologies, Lauren Friesen and Ana Brito

Chapter 3: Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence, Student Sexuality, and Post-Secondary Institutions, Shaina McHardy

Part II: Connect

Chapter 4: Neither Crone nor Cougar: Navigating Intimacy and Ageism on Dating Apps, Treena Orchard

Chapter 5: “I’m Not Your Fantasy”: Sexual Racism, Racial Fetishization, and the Exploitation of Racialized Men Who Have Sex with Men, Christopher Dietzel

Chapter 6: Smartphones and Committed Relationships: Navigating the Intersection of Sex, Gender, and Other Social Variables, Noorin Manji

Part III: Surveillance

Chapter 7: A Harem of Computers and a Mummery of Bondage, Jennifer Jill Fellows

Chapter 8: Empowerment through Participatory Surveillance? Menstrual and Fertility Self-Tracking Apps as Postfeminist Biopedagogies, Jessica Polzer, Anna Sui, Kelly Ge, Laura Cayen

Chapter 9: Artificial Unintelligence: How “Smart” and AI Technologies Perpetuate Bias and Systemic Discrimination, Sahar Raza

Part IV: Bodies

Chapter 10: Gatekeeping “Authentic” Gender: The Somatechnics of Transition Surgery and “Male Enhancement”, Jennifer Hites-Thomas

Chapter 11: “So, You Wanna Live Forever?” Representations of Disability, Gender, and Technology in Cyberpunk 2077, Tamara Banbury and Kelly Fritsch

Part V: Reclaim

Chapter 12: Holding Space for Future Matriarchs: Digital Platforms for Resurging Solidarity, Amber Brown and Angela Knowles

Chapter 13: The Ethics of Care and Online Teaching: Personal Reflections on Pandemic Post-Secondary Instruction, Kira Tomsons

Chapter 14: Zines and Ezines as Holistic Technologies: DIY Feminism in the Transnational Classroom, Jaime Yard

Conclusion: Coming Home to the Future: Start, Pause, Repeat …, Jennifer Jill Fellows and Lisa Smith

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