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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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360 pages
6 x 9 inches
January 2004
Print ISBN: 9781894549332


Taking on the bombshell spies, slayers, witches and assassins who are fighting their way into movies and television shows everywhere, Girls Who Bite Back examines what these new role models for young women are really about.

With rich insight as well as wry irreverence, Girls Who Bite Back cuts through the layers of the new "female power," questioning its corporate origins and investigating issues of race and sexual orientation. From Little Orphan Annie to Kill Bill, Girls Who Bite Back shows how far we've come and how far we have to go.

Table of Contents


The Mutant Generation
Shaping Stronger and Wiser Superheroines
Emily Pohl-Weary

Holy Butt-Kicking Babe, Batman!
The Comic-Book Origins of TV's Superheroines
Nikki Stafford

...And the Myth That Things Have Progressed
Collages by Sonja Ahlers

'Cuz the Black Chick Always Gets it First
Dynamics of Race in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Candra K. Gill

Stinky Girl
Short fiction by Hiromi Goto

The parkdale
Comic strip by Matthew Blackett & Meagan Crump

How to Be You Own Superhero
A Chronicle of Experimentation and Fascination
Carly Stasko

Her Eyes and Hair Repeat
Illustrated poem by Paola Poletto

Diary of a Broom Girl
Short fiction by Mariko Tamaki

Everyday Superhero
Short fiction by Rose Bianchini

Miniature Coloured Marshmallows
Art folio by Lisa Smolkin

Ready to be Strong?
Buddy, Angelina and Me
Nancy Gobatto

A Manifesto for the Bitten
The Cyborg, the vampire, The Alien and Me
Sophie Levy

High Fashion and the Necromantic Arts
Short fiction by Daniel Heath Justice

Drawings by Sherwin Tjia

Faces of Gemini
Short fiction by A.M. Dellamonica

Report on Five Case Studies of Females with Enhanced Characteristics
Molecular Basis and Treatment Strategies
S.P. Bustos

Madame Mouth's Little Get-Together
Female Video-Game Entities Talk Like, Love and Bloodhseed
Carma Livingstone

The Danger Room Girls
Short fiction by Sherwin Tjia

Suffragettes, Vigilantes and Superheroes
One Girl's Guide to Chicks in Comics
Elizabeth Walker

Levitation Girl in Good Afternoon America!
Comic strip by Willow Dawson

Diamond Dame
Short fiction by Emily Pohl-Weary

Act of Grace
Short fiction by Judy MacDonald

Divine Secrets of the Yaga Sisterhood
The Journey from Supervirgin to Supermom to Supergoddess
Sandra Kasturi

Medusa: Supermom
Paintings by Sheila Butler

The Smile on the Face
Short fiction by Nalo Hopkinson

The Left Hand of God
Paintings by Shary Boyle

Muth Girls
Short fiction by Kij Johnson

Red-Headed Orphans Rule
Why Girls of Shady Origin and Impure Breeding Kick Ass
Catherine Stinson

Short fiction by Zoe Whittal

Cinematic Superbabes are Breakin' My Heart
It's Hard to Go All the Way with the NEw Breed of Lady Killers When They Just Won't Let Go of that Man
Lisa Rundle

Karate Girls
Art folio by Eliza Griffiths

Bond, Jane Bond
Halli Villegas

When I was a Girl, I was a Boy
My Quest for a Female Action Hero
Esther Vincent

The Combing
Short fiction by Larissa Lai

Crisis Girl in Spring Rolls!
Comic strib by Marc Ngui and Magda Wojtyra



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