Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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344 pages
6 x 9 inches
September 2002
Print ISBN: 9780889614093


Jacobs has brought together the work of a number of progressive feminist writers, who theorize gender, race, diversity research, the social construction of women and work, ethnicity and class. The essays in this reader are focused on issues relating to gender equality in workspaces in society.

The editor has gathered essays from well-known and established social scientists. Among them are Pat & Hugh Armstrong, Himani Bannerji, Christine Bruckert and Tania Das Gupta. The result is a stimulating collection that focuses on health-care workers, teachers, strippers, wage-less workers and women who are hidden from view.

The collection explores the construction of gender, the selection of careers and the differential in work conditions and wages.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Is Anyone Listening? – Merle Jacobs

Section One: Theorizing Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Class
1. Theorizing Women’s Work: Feminist Methodology – Pat Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong
2. The Paradox of Diversity: The Construction of a Multicultural Canada and "Women of Colour" – Himani Bannerji
3. Qualitative Research to Identify Racialist Discourse: Towards Equity in Nursing Curricula – Rebecca Hagey and Robert W. MacKay

Section Two: Professional Work Spaces
4. Teaching Against the Grain: Contradictions and Possibilities – Roxana Ng
5. Racism in Nursing – Tania Das Gupta
6. Toward Anti-Racism in Social Work in the Canadian Context – Usha George
7. The World of the Professional Stripper – Chris Bruckert
8. Gender and Inequality and Medical Education – Jo-Anne Kirk

Section Three: Hidden From View
9. Benevolent Patriarchy: The Foreign Domestic Movement, 1980–1990 – Patricia Daenzer
10. The New Wageless Worker: Volunteering and Market-Guided Health Care Reform – Elizabeth Esteves
11. "Who Else Would Do It?": Female Family Caregivers in Canada – Kristin Blakely
12. Marginal Women: Examining the Barriers of Age, Race and Ethnicity – Robynne Neugebauer

Section Four: Promoting Social Change
13. Creating Understanding from Research: Staff Nurses’ Views on Collegiality – Merle Jacobs
14. Antiracism Advocacy in the Climate of Corporatization – Rebecca Hagey, Jane Turrittin, and Evelyn Brody
15. Undertaking Advocacy – Merle Jacobs

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