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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Women’s Press,Canadian Scholars
296 pages
5.5 x 8.25 inches
January 2000
Print ISBN: 9780921881568


It's Like the Legend celebrates the storytelling traditions of Innu women from Labrador while shedding light on their efforts to preserve both their land and their traditional way of life for future generations. When NATO began carrying out low-level flight testing over Innu land, these women played a significant role in organizing acts of resistance, including civil disobedience and attracting international attention to their plight. An inspiring collection of memoirs, legends, poetry, essays, speeches, and testimonies, this text is an indispensible resource for students in courses on Indigenous studies, women's studies, and environmental studies.

Table of Contents

Nympha Byrne & Camille Fouillard

Grandfather Eagle
Nympha Byrne

Shanut Rich

Women Speared the Caribou
Mary Jane Pasteen

Shaking Tents and Anik-napeu, the Toadman
Mary Madeline Nuna

Tshenut, the Elders
Mary Martha Hurley

An Orphan Grows Up
Cecile Rich

A Child Learns Respect
Elizabeth Rich

Christine Poker

The Elders Would Never Have Allowed It
Maggie Antuan

Shushep and Me
Madeline Katshinak

Christine Poker

It's Like the Legend
Charlotte Gregoire

I Am Rich
Nympha Byrne

Before My Father Died
Catherine Poker

The Country Is a Healing Place
Mary Jane Nui

Lonely for You
Adela Rich

I Think about These Things
Mary Georgette Mistenapeo

Rose Gregoire

The Thunder and Mosquito
Nympha Byrne

Early Childhood Education
Caroline Andrew

Retracing Our Footprints
Mary Adele Andrew

To the People I Lost
Marie Pokue

This Land Is Still Our Home
Charlotte Rich

Artists Know the Spirits
Angela Andrew

I Can't Forget You
Christine Poker

Like the Gates of Heaven
Elizabeth Penashue

Life on the Edge of a Bombing Range
Mary Martha Hurley

The Trickster and the Ant
Nympha Byrne

Fifty-seven Days in Jail
Mary Martha Hurley

Life on a Roller Coaster
Cecilia Rich

Christine Poker

I Am My Father's Daughter
Nympha Byrne

Set My People Free
Mary Adele Andrew

I Consider Myself a Full Native
Natasha Hurley

Stories My Grandmother Told Me
Pamela Hurley

Some People Get the Order of Canada: Excerpts of Prison Writings
Rose Gregoire

The Government of Mischief
Anne Marie Andrew

Christine Poker

I Followed My Heart
Nympha Byrne

Almighty Woman
Nympha Byrne

In Our Culture, We Don't Sign Papers
Justine Noah Jack, Katie Rich & Nyympha Byrne

Who's Law Am I Breaking Anyway?
Christine Poker

My Dad's Moccasin
Rose Gregoire

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