Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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282 pages
6 x 9 inches
September 2010
Print ISBN: 9780889614819


Household work is an essential part of many people's lives, yet all too often it is rendered invisible. More Than It Seems aims not only to make this vitally important work visible, but also to reconsider it as a source of learning.

Drawing on a large study conducted in Canada, the authors consider diverse forms of household work, including carework. They highlight the experiences of people at the margins — including immigrants, Aboriginal women, people with disabilities, nannies, and people who provide and receive care — and analyze those experiences through the prism of lifelong learning theory. The result is a pioneering work that challenges our assumptions about both household work and lifelong learning.

Table of Contents

Patricia Gouthro

Introduction: More Than It Seems: Household Work and Lifelong Learning
Patrizia Albanese

Chapter 1: What Is Housework?
Margrit Eichler

Chapter 2: Learning through Household Work
Margrit Eichler with Ann Matthews

Portrait: Dorica

Chapter 3: Encounters with the Self: Disability and the Many Dimensions of Self-Care
Ann Matthews

Portrait: Fang

Chapter 4: "Have You Had Your Meal Yet?": Chinese Immigrants, Food-related Household Work and Informal Learning
Lichun Willa Liu

Portrait: Mithreal

Chapter 5: Choreographing Care: Learning through Unpaid Carework
Susan Ferguson and Margrit Eichler

Portrait: Dee

Chapter 6: The Case of Nannies: Shifting Unpaid Work onto Paid Work
Nicky Hyndman

Patrizia Albanese

Appendix 1: Methodological Overview
Ann Matthews

Appendix 2: The WALL Project
D.W. Livingston

Appendix 3: Mothers Are Women (MAW)
Kathryn Spracklin


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