Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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213 pages
6 x 9 inches
June 2009
Print ISBN: 9780889614765


Since the 1970s North American women and girls have engaged in every sport that interests them and have become champions in their fields. One of the consequences of this success is ongoing criticism, not of how they perform, but of how they look.

In Polygendered and Ponytailed, Dayna Daniels argues that the femininity-masculinity divide prevents women athletes from being taken seriously in their sports. As long as sports remains a male domain, girls and women who participate will be viewed as either masculine to begin with or masculine through their involvement. By embracing a polygendered way of being, which emphasizes the similarities between women and men, female athletes will be given the chance to achieve their full sporting potential and be judged for their performance, rather than their appearance.

Table of Contents


Blind to the Obvious by Dayna B. Daniels


Chapter 1: Gender: Nature or Nurture/Fact or Fiction

Chapter 2: Knock Knock ... Who's There? The Science Behind the Myth of Gender

Chapter 3: The Sexing of Femininity

Chapter 4: The Embodiment of Femininity

Chapter 5: The Shape of Her Skin

Chapter 6: You Throw Like a Girl: Gestures, Movements, and Postures

Chapter 7: Putting on Your Game Face: The Body as an Ornamental Surface

Chapter 8: The End Game: A New Polygendered Beginning



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