Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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310 pages
9 x 6 inches
October 2014
Print ISBN: 9781551306315


In this enterprising new text, Ted Glenn equips fledgling public sector communications professionals with the information they need to be successful in their new roles. Leveraging his years of experience in this growing field, Glenn discusses how to present policy goals to different audiences and tailor messages to their needs, write gripping speeches, and use digital media in a world where one ill-phrased tweet can sink a career. Chapters are enriched with activities that walk students through the many responsibilities of public service professionals and encourage them to think strategically in quickly evolving situations. Professional Communications in the Public Sector is indispensable reading for students of public administration, communications, policy studies, media studies, and advertising.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Public Sector Communications
1.1 What Is Public Sector Communications?
1.2 How Is Public Sector Communications Used?
1.3 The Management and Administration of Public Sector Communications
1.4 The Abuse of Public Sector Communications
1.5 Public Sector Communications: A New Professional’s Perspective

Chapter 2: The Strategic Context for Public Sector Communications
2.1 The Strategic Direction of Government
2.2 Stakeholder Analysis

Chapter 3: Planning to Communicate
3.1 Objectives
3.2 Indicators
3.3 Baselines

Chapter 4: Clear Writing and Key Message Development
4.1 Clear Writing
4.2 Key Messages

Chapter 5: Tactics
5.1 Press Releases
5.2 Backgrounders
5.3 FAQs
5.4 Letters to the Editor
5.5 Speeches

Chapter 6: Public Event Planning
6.1 Step 1: Event Planning
6.2 Step 2: Event Development
6.3 Step 3: Delivery
6.4 Step 4: Evaluation

Chapter 7: Briefing Notes
7.1 Types of Notes
7.2 Writing Briefing Notes
7.3 Note Format
7.4 Issue Notes and the Issues Management Process

Chapter 8: Evaluation
8.1 Unstructured Interviews
8.2 Questionnaires, Structured Interviews, and Surveys
8.3 Focus Groups
8.4 Content Analysis

Chapter 9: Web 2.0 and Public Sector Communications
9.1 Research 2.0
9.2 Analysis
9.3 Communication
9.4 Evaluation

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Appendix 1.1: What Is Canada's Public Sector?
Appendix 5.1: Social Media in the Public Sector Speech
Appendix 5.2: Managing Our City’s Growth Responsibly Speech
Appendix 6.1: Event Budget Template
Appendix 6.2: Event Critical Path Template
Appendix 7.1: Sample Briefing Note Formats
Appendix 7.2: Sample Issue Note
Appendix 8.1: Question Types
Appendix 8.2: Communications Evaluation Tools Summary


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