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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Approx. 730 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
August 2022
Print ISBN: 9780889616196
Forthcoming | Fall 2022


In the second edition of this remarkable and comprehensive anthology, many of Canada's leading sexuality studies scholars examine the fundamental role that sexuality has played—and continues to play— in the building of our nation, and in our national narratives, myths, and anxieties about Canadian identity.

Thoroughly updated, this new edition features twenty-six new chapters on topics including Indigenous kinship, Blackness, masculinity, disability, queer resistance, and sex education. Covering both historical and contemporary perspectives on nation and community, law and criminal justice, organizing and activism, health and medicine, education, marriage and family, sport, and popular culture and representation, the essays also take a strong intersectional approach, integrating analyses of race, class, and gender. This interdisciplinary collection is essential for the Canadian sexuality studies classroom, and for anyone interested in the mythologies and realities of queer life in Canada.

  • Sixty percent new and expanded content, with twenty-six new chapters
  • Thoroughly updated to reflect a strong emphasis on the diversity of queer experiences and identities in Canada
  • Each chapter includes a brief introduction, written for this collection by the author, that provides helpful context about their work for both students and teachers

Table of Contents



1. Making Love and Relations Beyond Settler Sex and Family, Kim TallBear

2. Blackness, Masculinity, and the Work of Queer, Rinaldo Walcott

3. Queer Unsettlements: Diasporic Filipinos in Canada’s World Pride, Robert Diaz

4. A Double Life: Black Queer Youth Coming of Age in Divided Cities, Lance McCready

5. Our Bodies Are Not Ourselves: Tranny Guys and the Racialized Class Politics of Incoherence, Bobby Noble

6. Queer as Intersectionality: Theorizing Gay Muslim Identities, Momin Rahman

7. Our City of Colours: Queer/Asian Publics in Transpacific Vancouver, Helen Hok-Sze Leung


8. #NoGoingBack: Queer Leaps at the Intersection of Protest and COVID-19, Jin Haritaworn

9. Homophobia and Homonationalism: LGBTQ Law Reform in Canada, Miriam Smith

10. The Canadian Cold War on Queers: Sexual Regulation and Resistance, Gary Kinsman

11. Unknowable Bodies, Unthinkable Sexualities: Lesbian and Transgender Legal Invisibility in the Toronto Women’s Bathhouse Raid, Sarah Lamble

12. Censor, Resist, Repeat: A History of Censorship of Gay and Lesbian Sexual Representation in Canada, Brenda Cossman

13. Reframing Prostitution as Work, Deborah Brock

14. Tracing Lines of Horizontal Hostility: How Sex Workers and Gay Activists Battled for Space, Voice, and Belonging in Vancouver, 1975–1985, Becki Ross and Rachael Sullivan


15. LGBTQ Issues as Indigenous Politics: Two Spirit Mobilization in Canada, Julie Depelteau and Dalie Giroux

16. Gender Struggles: Reflections on Trans Liberation, Trade Unionism, and the Limits of Solidarity, Trish Salah

17. Calling a Shrimp a Shrimp: A Black Queer Intervention in Disability Studies, Nwadiogo Ejiogu and Syrus Marcus Ware

18. Fire, Passion, and Politics: The Creation of Blockorama as Black Queer Diasporic Space in the Toronto Pride Festivities, Beverly Bain

19. Rethinking Class in Lesbian Bar Culture: Living “The Gay Life” in Toronto, 1955–1965, El Chenier

20. “Finding We’Wha”: Indigenous Idylls in Queer Young Adult Literature, Joshua Whitehead

21. Revealing Femmegimp: A Sex-positive Reflection on Sites of Shame as Sites of Resistance for People with Disabilities, Loree Erickson


22. On the Case of the Case: The Emergence of the Homosexual as a Case History in Early Twentieth-Century Ontario, Steven Maynard

23. Thinking Critically about HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men, Barry D. Adam

24. Cross-Dancing as Culturally Restorative Practice, Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour


25. On the Myth of Sexual Orientation: Field Notes from the Personal, Pedagogical, and Historical Discourses of Identity, Margot Francis

26. Homonationalism and Failure to Interpellate: The “Queer Muslim Woman” in Ontario’s “Sex-Ed Debates,” Sonny Dhoot

27. The Inadequate Recognition of Sexual Diversity by Canadian Schools: LGBT Advocacy and Its Impact, David Rayside

28. Resisting the Mainstreaming of LGBT Equalities in Canadian and British Schools: Sex Education and Trans School Friends, Catherine J. Nash and Kath Browne

29. Sexing the Teacher: Voyeuristic Pleasure in the Amy Gehring Sex Panic, Sheila L. Cavanagh


30. “That Repulsive Abnormal Creature I Heard of in That Book”: Lesbians and Families in Ontario, 1920–1965, Cameron Duder

31. Heterosexuality Goes Public: The Postwar Honeymoon, Karen Dubinsky

32. Monogamy, Marriage, and the Making of Nation, Suzanne Lenon

33. A New Entity in the History of Sexuality: The Respectable Same-Sex Couple, Mariana Valverde

34. Queer Parenting in Canada: Looking Backward, Looking Forward, Rachel Epstein


35. Sex and Sport, Brian Pronger

36. Consuming Compassion: AIDS, Figure Skating, and Canadian Identity, Samantha King

37. Gay Pride on Stolen Land: Homonationalism and Settler Colonialism at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Heather Sykes

38. Trans*, Intersex, and Cisgender Issues in Physical Education and Sport, Heather Sykes and Christopher Smith


39. Beyond Image Content: Examining Transsexuals’ Access to the Media, Viviane Namaste

40. FOBs, Banana Boy, and the Gay Pretenders: Queer Youth Navigate Sex, “Race,” and Nation in Toronto, Canada, Andil Gosine

41. Carnal Indexing, Patrick Keilty

42. Continental Drift: The Imaging of AIDS, Richard Fung and Tim McCaskell

43. The “Blood Libel” and the Spectator’s Eye in Norwich and Toronto, David Townsend

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