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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Scratching the Surface brings together 14 anti-racist feminists who examine ways in which race and gender interact to shape the lives of women of colour in Canada. This collection of articles covers a broad range of topics such as the impact of colonialism and its associated discourses on First Nations and other groups of colonized women; racism in the Canadian labour movement; the impact of globalization on women of colour; the ways in which the institution of the nuclear family shapes racism; sexism in communities of colour; and the ways in which the women's movement can create an anti-racist praxis. The book not only provides exciting new insights into how women of colour experience Canadian society, but also provides instructors with a textbook that integrates anti-racist and feminist approaches.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Canadian Anti-Racist Feminist Thought: Scratching the Surface of Racism
Enakshi Dua

Part I: Colonialism and the Historical Construction of Gender

Chapter One: The Discourse of Empire and the Social Construction of Gender
Linda Carty

Chapter Two: Colonialism and First Nations Women in Canada
Winona Stevenson

Part II: The Post-Colonial Economy and the Consolidation of Racialized Labour Markets

Chapter Three: Black Women and Work: The Impact of Racially Constructed Gender Roles on the Sexual Division of Labour
Dionne Brand

Chapter Four: Do You Call Me "Sister"?: Women of Colour and the Canadian Labour Movement
Ronnie Joy Leah

Chapter Five: Restructuring at the Margins: Women of Colour and the Changing Economy
Christina Gabriel

Part III: The Canadian State and the Institutionalization of Race and Gender Relations

Chapter Six: Self-Government and Aboriginal Women
Sharon Donna McIvor

Chapter Seven: The Politics of Multiculturalism: "Immigrant Women" and the Canadian State
Tania Das Gupta

Chapter Eight: Gender and Race in "Non-discriminatory" Immigration Policies in Canada: 1960s to the Present
Sedef Arat-Koc

Part IV: The Racialized Construction of Gender

Chapter Nine: Beyond Diversity: Exploring the Ways in Which the Discourse of Race has Shaped the Institution of the Nuclear Family
Enakshi Dua

Chapter Ten: A Question of Silence: Reflections on Violence Against Women in Communities of Colour
Himani Bannerji

Part V: Canadian Institutions: Reproducing Marginalization

Chapter Eleven: R.D.S. v. Her Majesty the Queen: A Case About Home
Sherene Razack

Chapter Twelve: Racism, Women's Health, and Reproductive Freedom
Carolyn Egan and Linda Gardner

Chapter Thirteen: Continuing on the Ground: Feminists of Colour Discuss Organizing
Angela Robertson



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