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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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178 pages
6 x 9 inches
March 2015
Print ISBN: 9780889615250


This unique collection features auto-ethnographical essays by nine Inuit women educators who were part of the inaugural cohort of the University of Prince Edward Island’s Nunavut Master of Education program, which offered Nunavut’s first graduate-level degree for Inuit educators.

These essays provide important first-hand perspectives on Inuit education, reflecting upon the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Eastern Arctic over the past fifty years. The chapters offer insight into both the effects of colonialism and the efforts to build a new educational system grounded in Inuit culture, values, and traditions.

Inuit voices have yet to be heard within education scholarship in Canada, making this volume a significant contribution to the literature. This anthology will also be of interest to students of Indigenous and Arctic studies, sociology, and anthropology.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Fiona Walton and Darlene O’Leary, Editors

Chapter 1: Uqaujjuusiat: Gifts of Words of Advice: Schooling, Education, and Leadership in Baffin Island, Naullaq Arnaquq
Chapter 2: Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma: Identity and Reconciliation, Monica Ittusardjuat
Chapter 3: The Impact of Relocation on My Family and My Identity as an Inuk Educational Leader, Saa Pitsiulak
Chapter 4: Arctic Cotton and the Stratified Identity of an Inuk Educational Leader, Maggie Kuniliusie
Chapter 5: Piniaqsarniq: Practice to Achieve, Maggie Putulik
Chapter 6: Learning through Tunnganarniq, Nunia Qanatsiaq Anoee
Chapter 7: A Lifelong Passion for Learning and Teaching Inuktut, Jeela Palluq-Cloutier
Chapter 8: Strengthening Young Inuit Male Identity, Becky Tootoo
Chapter 9: Reflections of an Emerging Inuit Educational Leader, Mary Joanne Kauki

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