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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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192 pages
6 x 9 inches
September 2007
Print ISBN: 9781551303321


This thought-provoking collection of essays explores what constitutes the ethical domain, ethical practice, ethics education, and ethics — all in the context of sport. Sport Ethics in Context goes beyond the usual focus in sport ethics on responsibilities, and explores ethical responsibilities to teammates, coaches, and others associated with a team. As well, this collection describes a "new sport ethics," through which participants might come to question those practices that sport discipline creates. The author argues that if sport is to be a vehicle for a better understanding of and appreciation for ethical responses, it is necessary to pay attention to just what is at stake in the ethical domain, including the components of ethical response and how sport leaders might facilitate ethical responses in a sport environment.

Table of Contents


Section 1: Responsibilities to Opponents
Chapter 1: Rules, Penalties, and Officials
Chapter 2: Characterizing Constraints of Leisure
Chapter 3: The Paradox of Sport Activities in the Wilderness
Chapter 4: Ethics for Strangers in Sport

Section 2: Ethical Responsibilities to Team Members
Chapter 5: Trusting Paternalism? Trust as a Condition for Paternalistic Decisions
Chapter 6: Hybrid Athletes
Chapter 7: Racism in Canadian Sport

Section 3: New Sport Ethics
Chapter 8: A New Sport Ethics: Taking Konig Seriously with Maureen Ford
Chapter 9: Disciplinary Technologies of Sport Performance
Chapter 10: The Social Construction of Disability in a Society of Normalization
Chapter 11: Queering Pervert City

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