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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars
450 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
November 2012
Print ISBN: 9781551304120


Tackling Health Inequalities: Lessons from International Experiences provides a unique perspective on health inequalities in Canada and elsewhere. This exciting new volume brings together experiences from seven wealthy developed nations — the United States, Australia, Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Sweden — to analyze their contrasting approaches to reducing avoidable health problems. Some nations are successfully responding to health inequalities, but Canada and the United States are not among them. Why is this, and what can we learn from other nations?

Through a political economy lens, Tackling Health Inequalities considers how societal structures and institutions shape the distribution of economic, political, and social resources that affect health disparities amongst the population. The volume then goes on to examine how governing authorities come to either confront or ignore these health inequalities and the conditions that create them. Through these illustrations, it encourages governing authorities that are tackling health inequalities to continue their efforts and directs those that are not — such as in Canada and elsewhere — towards what must be done.

This groundbreaking text shows the primary lessons from these international experiences: that citizens in Canada and elsewhere need to educate themselves about the importance of tackling health inequalities, and then build the political and social movements that will compel governmental authorities to take action. This volume will serve as a rich resource for professionals and general readers interested in health studies, nursing, social work, public policy, and political economy.

Table of Contents

Foreword, Alex Scott-Samuel
Chapter 1: The Importance of Tackling Health Inequalities, Dennis Raphael
Chapter 2: American Experiences, Stephen Bezruchka
Chapter 3: Australian Experiences, Fran Baum, Matt Fisher, and Angela Lawless
Chapter 4: British and Northern Irish Experiences, Katherine E. Smith and Clare Bambra
Chapter 5: Canadian Experiences, Dennis Raphael
Chapter 6: Finnish Experiences, Juha Mikkonen
Chapter 7: Norwegian Experiences, Elisabeth Fosse
Chapter 8: Swedish Experiences, Mona C. Backhans and Bo Burstrom
Chapter 9: An Analysis of International Experiences in Tackling Health Inequalities, Dennis Raphael
Chatper 10: Moving Forward: Applying the Lessons from International Experiences, Toba Bryant
Appendix A: A Checklist for Whole-of-Government or Intersectoral Approach
Glossary of Terms
Contributor Biographies


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