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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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548 pages
6 x 9 inches
October 1998
Print ISBN: 9781551300467


The administration of justice is an area of social policy that defies attempts to achieve a balance between order and the protection of the public and respect for individual rights. The media contain daily accounts of the failure of the criminal justice system to repress crime. It is within this social and legal context that this work is situated.

In addition to including a range of articles in the standard areas of policing, courts, and corrections, recent articles deal with such controversial issues as aboriginal justice, the recruitment of visible minorities by Canadian police forces, and the role of women in the Canadian criminal justice system. The collection concludes with a critical assessment of the retributive model that currently serves as the philosophical underpinnings of the Canadian criminal justice system.

Table of Contents


1. A Social Systems Approach to Criminal Justice Research
C. Boydell and I. Connidis


2. Visions of Community Policing: Rhetoric and Reality in Canada
B.N. Leighton
3. Women in Canadian Urban Policing: Why Are They Leaving?
B. Crawford Seagram and C. Stark-Adamec
4. Attitudes Toward Higher Education Among Mid-Career Officers
L.B. Buckley
5. The Recruitment and Selection of Visible Minorities in Canadian Police Organizations: 1985 to 1987
Harish C. Jain
6. The Physical and Psychological Correlates of Job Burnout in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
G.M. Stearns and R. Moore


7. The Police, The Crowns and the Courts: Who's Running the Show?
G. Wheeler
8. Is There a Place for the Victim in the Prosecution Process?
P. Clarke
9. Sentencing as a Gendered Process: Results of a Consultation
R. Mohr
10. R. v. Brydges: Let Them Eat Cake or, the Poor Person's Right to Counsel
S.C. Hutchison and J. G. Marko
11. Public Attitudes to Plea Bargaining
S. Cohen and A.N. Doob

The Corrections System

12. Risky Business: The Classification of Dangerous People in the Canadian Carceral Enterprise
R. Menzies, D. Chunn and C. Webster
13. The Great Repression: Criminal Punishment in the Nineteen-Eighties
Michael Mandel
14. Corrections and Community (In)Action
K. McCormick and L. Visano
15. Bilateral Legitimation: The Parole Pendulum
R. Ratner
16. Sentenced to Death? HIV Infection and AIDS in Prisons
L.A. Pagliaro and A.M. Pagliaro
17. Working in a Man's World: Women Correctional Officers in an Institution for Men
E. Szockyj

Young People and the Law

18. The Young Offender's Act: A Legal Framework
N. Bala
19. Good People, Dirty System: The Young Offenders Act and Organizational Failure
J. Hackler
20. Dispositions as Indicators of Conflicting Social Purposes under the JDA and YOA
A.W. Leschied and P.G. Jaffe

Aboriginal Justice

21. Patterns of Discrimination: Aboriginal Justice in Canada
C. Crow
22. Policing Native Communities: Some Principles and Issues in Organizational Theory
R. Depew
23. The Role of Sntencing in the Over-representation of Aboriginal People in Correctional Institutions
C. LaPrairie

Future Directions in Criminal Justice

24. From Big House to Big Brother: Confinement in the Future
Ian Gomme
25. A Restorative Lens
Howard Zehr


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