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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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226 pages
6 x 9 inches
August 2020
Print ISBN: 9781773381893


The first book to discuss the Canadian welfare state through a health-focused lens, The Politics of Health in the Canadian Welfare State argues that the nature of Canada’s liberal welfare state shapes the health care system, the social determinants of health, and the health of all Canadians. Documenting decades of work on the social determinants of health, authors Toba Bryant and Dennis Raphael explore topics such as power and influence in Canadian society, socially and economically marginalized populations, and approaches to promoting health. Each chapter examines different aspects of the links between public policy, health, and the welfare state, investigating how broader societal structures and processes of the country’s economic and political systems shape living and working conditions and, inevitably, the overall health of Canadians.

Contextualizing the history and status of Canadian health and health care systems with Canada’s welfare state, this concise and timely text is well suited as a supplementary resource for health studies, sociology of health, and nursing courses in universities across Canada.


  • provides a comprehensive overview of how the form of the welfare state acts as an important determinant of health
  • includes international comparative data to demonstrate where Canada stands in comparison to other welfare states
  • offers opportunities for further exploration of various topics through lists of further readings and websites

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: How the Politics of the Welfare State Shapes our Health

Chapter 2: The Canadian Welfare State and Public Policy

Chapter 3: The Canadian Welfare State and the Health of Canadians

Chapter 4: Promoting the Health of Canadians within the Liberal Welfare State

Chapter 5: Moving toward the Future

Epilogue: The Social Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic



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