Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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372 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
August 2021
Print ISBN: 9780889616226


Filling a gap in literature and fulfilling the need for trans-focused work, TransNarratives is an interdisciplinary collection featuring narratives of transgender experiences, providing a sourcebook of a range of trans perspectives, writing styles, and trans methodological fields of applicability. The works included transcend disciplinary boundaries in the pursuit of academic knowledge and creativity, actively deconstructing binaries wherever they begin to appear, whether with regard to gender, race, ability, or sexuality, or to the binary divisions that can sometimes separate academic and creative production.

Calling attention to transgender writers, this unique and timely text showcases a wide variety of material, including scholarship from multi- and interdisciplinary transgender perspectives, poetry and fiction that foregrounds trans experience, and first-person transgender narratives. The essays, poems, and stories cover a range of topics relevant to transgender, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary experiences, across time, geographic location, and cultures. An important addition to the field, this groundbreaking text will serve as an essential collection of works for students and researchers in transgender studies, queer studies, and gender studies.


  • provides accessible, thematically wide-ranging, and stylistically diverse writings, including scholarship from multi- and interdisciplinary transgender perspectives
  • includes multi-generational perspectives and non-able-bodied subjectivities
  • uniquely formatted to support a dialogue between creative and scholarly work

Table of Contents


Section I: Trans-Selves/Trans-Origins

Chapter 1 “My Whole Life Has Been Coming Out of One Closet or Another”: Narratives of Transgender Youth in Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Leigh Potvin, Christie Ragan, and Emily Root

Chapter 2 The Fool’s Journey to Telling Transness
AJ Ripley

Chapter 3 TRANSitioning Out of the Army
Thai Thao Nguyen

Chapter 4 How a Flat Chest Helped Me Fit into a Dress
Markus Harwood-Jones

Chapter 5 Transliminality: Black Transfemmes and the Limit of Visibility Politics
Nathan Alexander Moore

Chapter 6 (Philosophical) Tales of the Unexpected: Pre-Transition and Post-Transition Selves
Stephanie Kapusta

Section II: Community and Interpersonal Relationships

Chapter 7 Navigating Gender Together
Gemma M. Hickey and Vicki S. Hallett

Chapter 8 Transscript
Tamara Austin and Jay Austin

Chapter 9 Trans
Love: An In-Depth Examination of Intimate Relationships
Alana Rister and Kathy McCleaf

Chapter 10 “A Tale of Two Worlds,” “Sorry, You Have Been Deleted,” and “I Was Going to Tell You Something but Then I Forgot What It Was”
Joanna C. Valente

Chapter 11 The Stone Prince and the Lost Boi: Crossing the Boundaries of Gender and Generation
Kate Krug and Eli Quirk

Chapter 12 Dancing on Petals
Rohini Bannerjee

Section III: Page, Stage, and Screen

Chapter 13 “One Hundred Percent Dude”: Straightening Degrassi's Adam Torres
Evan Vipond

Chapter 14 Measure of a (Wo)man: Female-to-Male Transformation in Early Christian and Medieval Narrative Traditions
Angela Groening Bolen

Chapter 15 No Other Words: The Stories of Lili Elbe
Markus Harwood-Jones

Chapter 16 Excerpt from Gender/Genre
Erin M. Bertram

Chapter 17 Trans*ed and Latined: Representation and the Possibilities of Excess
Dan Bustillo

Chapter 18 #TransTwitter: Affect, Transnarratives, and Gender Euphoria
Hannah K. Grabowski

Chapter 19 "What I Wanted to Wear": The Battle for Self-Expression amid Transphobic Street Violence
Anna Kozak

Chapter 20 "The Joke Is, It's Not a Joke": Revolution through Laughter in the Works of Annie Danger
Jesse O’Rear

Section IV: Interventions and Activism

Chapter 21 My Gender is Crip: Engaging the Experience of being Trans and Disabled
Niamh Timmons

Chapter 22 Informed Consent: Transgender Men and the Reification of Hegemonic Masculinity
Benjamin C. Kennedy

Chapter 23 The Story of the [Error] Ant
Emory James Edwards/[404—Name Not Found]

Chapter 24 Languaging a Future for Lovepersons: Speculative Strategies Towards Radical Trans/cendence
Elæ Moss

Chapter 25 Thank You Notes: Trans, Nonbinary, and Two-Spirit Poetic Interventions into the Academy’s Use of Acknowledgements
Frances O’Shaughnessy

Chapter 26 The “New” White Feminism: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism and the Problem of Biological Determinism in Western Feminist Theory
Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa

Chapter 27 Intersectional Feminism as a Framework for Policy Change: An Equitable Approach to Title IX
Sarah Simmons

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