Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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368 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
June 2001
Print ISBN: 9781894549066


Energetic, reflective, often passionate, Turbo Chicks clearly and powerfully demonstrates that feminism has many valid interpretations and that young and older feminist alike are vital to keeping the movement dynamic.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Conversation with Allyson, Lisa and Lara

Part I: My First Feminism
Robin & Me - Mariko Tamaki
Encountering Feminism: Stories from the Sandwich Generation - Susanne Luhmann
From Cute & Perky to Hard-nosed Bitch: The Evolution of a Feminist - Loretta Gerlach
The Forgotten Woman - Jessica Lara Ticktin
Why Am I a Feminist? - Samantha Sacks
The Eleven-Year-Old Feminist - Megan Rivers-Moore
Smashing the Onion - Ana Ratcliffe
Postcards of a Woman Learning - Shelly Abdool
Young Women and Disability - Alessia Di Virgillio
High School Feminism 101, or "For Every Lie I Unlearn I Learn Something New" - Lara Karaian

Part II: What's Big and Hairy: Expanding Identity
Lipstick - Leah Rumack
Ode to Our Closeted Sheroes or To Be Young, Out, Black and Bitter - T.J. Bryan aka Tenacious
I'd Think of a Clever Title if the Baby Hadn't Just Pooped on Me - Sophie Tamas
A Question for Feminism - Cat Pyne
Not Post-Feminism - Christina Ahn
The Good Girl and the Bitch - Angie Gallop
She - Crystal'Aisha PerrymanMark
Full Frontal Confrontation - Maren Hancunt
Boy Feminism: Looking Up to Little Sister - Sean MacEachern
I Look FAT in This! - Lisa Ayuso
Feminist Invitations - Kristen Warder
Nervous Girl - Zoe Grace
Prank Caller - Sarmishta Subramanian

Part III: Schooling Feminisms: Big Brained Girls Crack the Codes with Chainsaws
The Personal Is Political - Emmy Pantin
Betty Friedan's Granddaughters: Cosmo, Ginger Spice & Other Marks of Whiteness - Jennifer Harris
The Silencing of Sexuality - Cassandra Lord
Her HOME/S.ca: Feminist Post-ings On-line - Carmela Murdocca
The Writing's on the Wall: Feminist and Lesbian Graffiti as Cultural Production - Allyson Mitchell
A Few Notes on Pedagogical Unsettlement - Sharon Rosenberg
Sleeping with the Enemy and Liking It: Confessions of a Bisexual Feminist - Ruby Rowan
Chocolate Bunnies from Hell: My Easter in the Czech Republic - Sabine Hikel
Innocence Upstaged - Miriam Johnson
Talkin' OBout Whose Generation? - Candis Steenbergen

Part IV: Fun Feminist Activities: Activism Exposed
Action Girls in the Dream Machine - Carly Stasko
Burning for a Revolution - Julie Devaney
Desperately Seeking Sisterhood - Cara Banks
Keep On Keepin' On: Me, My Period and the Stars Above - Laura Edmonstone
Girls Need Ezines: Young Feminist Get On-line - Krista Scott-Dixon
From Natty Dreads to Grey Ponytails: The Revolution is Multigenerational - Joan Grant Cummings
Screaming as Loud as the Boys: Women in Punktopia - Heather Davis
Ageing Radically - Lisa Mesbur
A Day in the Life of Debbie Stoller & Bust Magazine - Jennifer O'Connor

Epilogue: Out of the Mouths of Babes - Chris Mitchell and Madelyne Beckles

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