Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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205 pages
6 x 9 inches
January 2009
Print ISBN: 9781551303512


Offering concrete direction for some and validation for others, this groundbreaking book encourages engagement in much-needed discourse on Indigenous social work education. Centred on the strengths, weaknesses, and healing powers of Indigenous social work education programs, the twelve original articles in this collection cover the efforts made over the past twenty-five years to develop and deliver social work education that meets the needs of Indigenous students in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Informative and engaging, Walking in the Good Way / Ioterihwakwaríhshion Tsi Íhse is a vital resource for the social work classroom.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Wa'tkwanonhwera: ton - William S. Rowe

Chapter 1: Walking on Thin Ice: The Evolution of the McGill Certificate Program in Northern Social Work Practice - Liesel Urtnowski

Chapter 2: Intervention Difficulties between Inuit Clients and Non-Inuit Workers - Lolly Annahatak

Chapter 3: From Igloo to Internet: Shifting Terrains of Power and Knowledge in Inuit Social Work Education - Laura Mastronardi

Chapter 4: Local and Global Approaches to Aboriginal Education: A Description of the McGill Certificate Program in Aboriginal Social Work Practice - Gail Stacey Moore

Chapter 5: Building Bridges: The Development of an Aboriginal Program from the Viewpoints of the Native and Non-Native Teachers - Ingrid Thompson Cooper, Gail Stacey Moore, Alisha Schotsman-Apale, and Florence Dobson

Chapter 6: Strengths and Weaknesses of a Specialized Program: Learning from Students in Aboriginal Social Work Education in Canada - Amanda Grenier

Chapter 7: Aboriginal BSW Education in Rural and Remote Communities: The University of Calgary's Learning Circle Model - Michael Kim Zapf

Chapter 8: Aboriginal Social Work Education in Australia - Arthur William Anscombe

Chapter 9: Some Observations on Social Work Education and Indigeneity in New Zealand - Jim Anglem

Chapter 10: Education as Healing: A Central Part of Aboriginal Social Work Professional Training - Ingrid Thompson Cooper, Gail Stacey Moore, and Florence Dobson

Chapter 11: Aboriginal Healing Practices in Mainstream Social Work Education Programs ... Sagacity or Sacrilege - Nicki Garwood and Jean Stevenson

Chapter 12: Walk a Mile in Social Work Shoes: The One on the Right Is a Moccasin and the Left Is a Sensible Flat: Aboriginal Cross-cultural Social Work Education - Anne Acco and Nicki Garwood



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