Engaging ideas, transforming minds
Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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265 pages
6 x 9 inches
October 2008
Print ISBN: 9781894549752


Whose University Is It, Anyway? paints a dynamic portrait of what goes on behind the scenes at today's Canadian universities. In compelling accounts, the contributors discuss how equity and gender shape their experiences as they explore the realities they face as professors, teaching assistants, students, contingent faculty, tenured faculty and administrative staff. This is a timely and important contribution.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Anne Wagner, Sandra Acker and Kimine Mayuzumi

Part I: Contesting Curriculum, Policy and Representation
Chapter 1: "I Don't Know What Hurts More - To Shut Up or Speak Up": Aboriginal Female Learners in the Academy - Cyndy Baskin
Chapter 2: Reconciling Competing Discourses: The University of Toronto's Equity and Diversity Framework - Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis
Chapter 3: The Contested Space of the Body in the Academy - Susan Ferguson & Tanya Titchkosky

Part II: Navigating the Academy
Chapter 4: The Hot Seat: The Black Scholar's Perception of the "Chilly Climate" - Patrice A. White
Chapter 5: The Invisible Cloak: Exploring the Impact of Trauma on Women Learners in Higher Education - Anne Wagner
Chapter 6: Bridging the Gap: I Will Not Remain SILENCED - Donna A. Murray
Chapter 7: Gendered and Queer Bodies in the Academy: Pedagogical Considerations - Wayne Martino

Part III: Supporting the Enterprise
Chapter 8: Disrespectin' Administrative Staff Work: Can We Talk? - Ann Kristine Pearson
Chapter 9: "I'm Cocky That Way...": Women's Studies Teaching Assistants Negotiating Feminism in the Contemporary Academy - Michelle Webber
Chapter 10: "A Pretty Incredible Structural Injustice": Contingent Faculty in Canadian University Nursing - Linda Muzzin & Jacqueline Limoges
Chapter 11: Gender and the Chair - Sandra Acker

Part IV: Finding Sources of Strength
Chapter 12: The Sacred and Resistance within the "Prison": The Narratives of Racially Minoritized Women Faculty - Kimine Mayuzumi & Riyad A. Shajahan
Chapter 13: Contested Site, Contested Topic: Teaching Anti-Racist Studies in a Teacher Education Program - Njoki N. Wane
Chapter 14: Chronically Doing the Impossible, Adequately and Creatively - Si Transken

Contributors' Notes


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