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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Women and HIV Prevention in Canada is a comprehensive collection of original readings that examine the impact of HIV/AIDS on women in Canada. It takes as its point of departure the lessons from the past two decades of HIV prevention efforts with an eye to advancing research, policy, and programmatic responses in a collaborative, multidisciplinary manner. The book includes contributions from academics, researchersof topics, including the epidemiology of women and HIV/AIDS in Canada, enhanced surveillance specific to women, pregnancy and fertility issues, housing as a determinant of health, HIV prevention and prisons, new HIV prevention technologies, race, transgender issues, and other pressing primary and secondary HIV prevention issues for women. Each chapter concludes with problem-based learning scenarios and discussion questions, making the book a valuable resource for students, as well as practitioners and researchers in epidemiology in community health, sociology of health, nursing, health promotion, health service administration, social work, and health policy.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Women and HIV in Canada: Reflections on an Epidemic,

Jacqueline Gahagan
Chapter 1: The Current State of Women and HIV in

Canada: An Overview of HIV/AIDS Epidemiology in Canada, Chris Archibald and

Jessica Halverson
Chapter 2: An Overview of Determinants of Health

Impacting Women and HIV Infection in Canada, Jacqueline Arthur, Kristen

Beausoleil, Jocelyne Guay, and Jacqueline Gahagan
Chapter 3: Advancing Our

Knowledge: Findings of a Meta-Ethnographic Synthesis, Jacqueline Gahagan,

Christina Ricci, Randy Jackson, Tracey Prentice, Judy Mill, and Barry

Chapter 4: When Women Pick Up Their Bundles: HIV Prevention and

Related Service Needs of Aboriginal Women in Canada, Doris Peltier, Randy

Jackson, Tracey Prentice, Renee Masching, LaVerne Monette, Monique Fong, Krista

Shore, and the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network's Voices of Women (CAAN VOW)

Standing Committee
Chapter 5: An Evidence-based Intervention to Support

African, Caribbean, and Black Women in Canada to Disclose Their HIV Positive Status,

Wangari Tharao, Marvelous Muchenje, and Mira Mehes
Chapter 6:

Housing as HIV Prevention and Support of and for HIV-positive Mothers in Canada: The

Way Forward, Saara Greene, Lori Chambers, Khatundi Masinde, and Chantel

Chapter 7: It's All in the Context: Structural and Psychosocial

Barriers to HIV Prevention with Transgender Women, Greta

Chapter 8: Razors, Rigs, and Rights: HIV Prevention and the Case for

Harm Reduction Strategies in Women's Prisons, Rai Reece
Chapter 9:

Criminal Prosecutions for HIV Non-disclosure: Protecting Women from Infection or

Threatening Prevention Efforts? Patricia Allard, Cécile Kazatchkine, and Alison

Chapter 10: Pre-conception and Pregnancy Planning for Women

Infected and Affected by HIV as HIV Prevention, Mona Loufty and Shari

Chapter 11: New Prevention Technologies: Promises and Pitfalls,

San Patten
Chapter 12: Conclusion: Addressing and Advancing HIV

Prevention Efforts for, by, and with Women in Canada, Jacqueline



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