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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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366 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
May 2017
Print ISBN: 9781551309576


Over the last few decades, the workplace in Canada has experienced profound changes. Work has become increasingly insecure for a growing number of people, young workers struggle to match qualifications and credentials with jobs, and retirement with a secure income is a diminishing prospect. The demographic composition of the labour market is transforming, yet this change is conditioned by longstanding patterns of inequality in terms of gender, race, disability, and immigration status.

The third edition of Work and Labour in Canada maps out major trends and patterns that define working life, and identifies the economic, social, and political factors that shape the contemporary workplace. While evaluating working conditions and job quality from a critical perspective, the authors point towards possibilities for a more equitable and democratic future of work. Thoroughly updated and featuring recommended readings, internet resources, and a new chapter on disability and work, this revised edition is an essential textbook for teachers, researchers, labour activists, and students of labour studies and sociology of work.


Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
List of Boxes
Preface to the Third Edition

Part I: Working in Precarious Times
Chapter 1: The World of Work in the 21st Century
Chapter 2: Work, Wages, and Living Standards in Canada
Chapter 3: Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning: Tensions and Contradictions
Chapter 4: The Unhealthy Canadian Workplace

Part II: Work, Inequality, and Difference
Chapter 5: Gender, Work, and Social Reproduction
Chapter 6: Race, Racialization, and Racism at Work
Chapter 7: The Inaccessible Canadian Workplace
Chapter 8: Troubled Transitions: Into and Out of the Labour Force

Part III: Contemporary Workers’ Movements in Canada
Chapter 9: The Impact of Unions
Chapter 10: Workers’ Movements in the New Millennium

Part IV: The Canadian Workplace in the Global Economy
Chapter 11: Globalization and Work in Canada
Chapter 12: Improving Work: Reforming or Transforming Wage Labour?

Appendix I: Internet Resources
Copyright Acknowledgements


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