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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Canadian Scholars,Women’s Press
418 pages
6.75 x 9.75 inches
August 2019
Print ISBN: 9780889616004


In this edited collection, Leslie Nichols weaves together the contributions of accomplished and diverse scholars to offer an expansive and critical analysis of women’s work in Canada. Students will use an intersectional approach to explore issues of gender, class, race, immigrant status, disability, sexual orientation, Indigeneity, age, and ethnicity in relation to employment. Drawing from case studies and extensive research, the text’s eighteen chapters consider Canadian industries across a broad spectrum, including political, academic, sport, sex trade, retail, and entrepreneurial work.

Working Women in Canada is a relevant and in-depth look into the past, present, and future of women’s responsibilities and professions in Canada. Undergraduate and graduate students in gender studies, labour studies, and sociology courses will benefit from this thorough and intersectional approach to the study of women’s labour.


  • includes tables, case studies, a glossary of key terms, and chapter introductions and conclusions to assist with student comprehension
  • encourages further learning by concluding each chapter with discussion questions, a list of additional key readings, and an extensive reference list
  • provides a broad portrait of women’s work in Canada with contributions from over 20 scholars

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Women, Work, and Intersectionality: An Introduction
Leslie Nichols

Chapter 2: Unions Are Definitely Good for Women—But That’s Not the Whole Story
Anne Forrest

Chapter 3: Women’s Occupational Health and Safety
Katherine Lippel and Stephanie Premji

Chapter 4: Unemployed and Underemployed Women in Canada
Leslie Nichols

Chapter 5: Immigrant Women’s Work: Paid and Unpaid Labour in the Neoliberal Economy
Leslie Nichols, Vappu Tyyskä, and Pramila Aggarwal

Chapter 6: “Not Just a Job”: Disability, Work, and Gender
Esther Ignagni

Chapter 7: Young Women: Navigating the Education-Employment Divide
Leslie Nichols

Chapter 8: Childcare: Working in Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada
Susan Prentice

Chapter 9: Minoritized Faculty in Canada’s Universities and Colleges: Gender, Power, and Academic Work
Sandra Acker and Linda Muzzin

Chapter 10: Black Women’s Small Businesses as Historical Spaces of Resistance
Melanie Knight

Chapter 11: Black Women in Canadian University Sports
Danielle Gabay

Chapter 12: The Public Women of Canada: Women in Elected Office
Jocelyne Praud, Alexa Lewis, and Jarod Sicotte

Chapter 13: Women, Aesthetic Labour, and Retail Work: A Case Study of Independent Fashion Retailers in Toronto
Deborah Leslie and Taylor Brydges

Chapter 14: From the Woman’s Page to the Digital Age: Women in Journalism
Andrea Hunter

Chapter 15: Equity Shifts in Firefighting: Challenging Gendered and Racialized Work
Susan Braedley

Chapter 16: Women in Manufacturing: Challenges in a Neoliberal Context
June Corman

Chapter 17: The Nonprofit Sector: Women’s Path to Leadership
Agnes Meinhard and Mary Foster

Chapter 18: Understanding the Work in Sex Work: Canadian Contexts
Kara Gillies, Elene Lam, Tuulia Law, Rai Reece, Andrea Sterling, and Emily van der Meulen



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